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Garden Buildings

Whether you choose one of our functional wooden, metal or plastic garden sheds to solve a storage requirement or an attractive summerhouse to create a relaxing garden feature, you can trust One Garden and its renowned manufacturing partners to reliably service your shed or garden building order with care.

Garden Sheds View Full Range >

Wood, metal or plastic? Apex roof or pent? From a petite 4' x 3' to an epic 30' x 12'? We offer our sheds in a wide variety of sizes and styles to suit almost any garden. Your garden shed doesn't have to be simply for storing your lawnmower and tools, why not use your imagination...

Shire Corner Shed 7x7 image Corner Shed 7x7

Now only £757.99

12% OFF

£865.99 You Save £108.00

A five-sided double door shed ideal for placing in the corner of a garden

Shire image

Within 7-14 days

Yardmaster Emerald Deluxe 68GEYZ Metal Shed 1.86 x 2.26m image Emerald 68GEYZ 8x6

Now only £334.99

10% OFF

£374.99 You Save £40.00

Green and zinc painted metal shed with handy sliding doors in the 6ft gable

Yardmaster image

Within 14 days

Shire Value Overlap Double Door Apex Shed 8x6 image Value Overlap Double Door 8x6

Now only £450.99

10% OFF

£503.99 You Save £53.00

Classic 8x6 shed with overlap cladding and double doors in the 6ft gable end

Shire image

Within 7-14 days

Palram - Canopia Skylight Dark Grey Plastic Shed Pent 4x6 image Skylight Dark Grey Pent 4x6

Now only £394.94

17% OFF

£479.99 You Save £85.05

Dark grey 6x4 plastic shed with a single door and semi-translucent polycarbonate pent roof

Palram - Canopia image

Within 3-7 days

Garden Storage View Full Range >

Run out of room in your shed? Limited space left in your garden but still have stuff that needs storing? We've all been there. This garden storage category offers you a range of outdoor storage solutions, whether for a BBQ, bike, bag of bark chips or… um… plant pots (sorry, we ran out of B’s), you should be able to find something here to fit your garden storage requirements.
Zest Log Store image Log Store

Now only £119.99

17% OFF

£144.99 You Save £25.00

Simple slatted design log store with overlapping timber roof for drying logs

Zest image

Within 5-10 days

Shire Overlap Bike Store 7x3 image Overlap Bike Store

Now only £272.99

12% OFF

£311.99 You Save £39.00

Overlap clad apex bike store with fully opening front double doors

Shire image

Within 7-14 days

Rowlinson Double Bin Store image Double Bin Store

Now only £279.99

12% OFF

£319.99 You Save £40.00

Curve topped double bin store with slatted sides and hinged doors and lids

Rowlinson image

Within 7 days

Rowlinson Plastic Storage Box-Bench Mocha image Mocha Storage Box-Bench

Now only £124.99

13% OFF

£144.99 You Save £20.00

Can be used as a bench as well as a storage box and can be easily relocated

Rowlinson image

Within 7 days

Garden Leisure View Full Range >

When the sun's out and the birds are singing, what could be better than going out into the garden? You’ve spent ages getting the plants just how you like them, so why not sit and enjoy them? We list a selection of leisure buildings, such as attractive summerhouses, that could provide the focal point to your garden and give you somewhere to enjoy the fruits (and/or vegetables) of your labour.

Shire Alnwick Summerhouse 7x7 image Alnwick 7x7

Now only £672.99

24% OFF

£890.99 You Save £218.00

A classic looking summer house with decked and covered veranda area

Shire image

Within 7-14 days

Shire Barclay Summerhouse 7x7 image Barclay 7x7

Now only £786.99

18% OFF

£965.99 You Save £179.00

Corner style summerhouse with fully glazed double doors and windows

Shire image

Within 7-14 days

Shire Hampton Summerhouse 7x7 image Hampton 7x7

Now only £859.99

28% OFF

£1205.99 You Save £346.00

Corner style summerhouse with Georgian style windows and doors

Shire image

Within 7-14 days

Shire Oatland Overlap Summerhouse 6x6 image Oatland Overlap 6x6


Simple 6x6 summerhouse clad with dip treated overlapping timber boards

Shire image

Within 7-14 days

Log Cabins View Full Range >

Our seriously stylish log cabins are like an extension to your internal living space, only for the outside. These sizable wooden structures, some with an integral veranda, some with an integral storage room, will create an impressive centrepiece and feature to your garden space. Whether for plain old storage, as a handy hobby room, a space for chilling out or as a modern home office, a log cabin's uses are endless... 
Shire Camelot Log Cabin 7x7 image Camelot 19mm 7x7

Now only £1013.99

23% OFF

£1327.99 You Save £314.00

Classic design in 19mm log. 4 Pane Georgian style shuttered side window

Shire image

Within 14-21 days

Shire Berryfield Log Cabin 8x11 image Berryfield 19mm 8x11

Now only £1454.99

29% OFF

£2057.99 You Save £603.00

Stylish 19mm log cabin with offset double doors, front window and canopied roof

Shire image

Within 7-14 days

Shire Ringwood 28mm Log Cabin 12x13 image Ringwood 28mm 12x13

Now only £2349.99

47% OFF

£4483.99 You Save £2134.00

Reverse apex 28mm log cabin with recessed door in the 13ft wide front wall

Shire image

Within 42-49 days

Shire Ardcastle Double Door 28mm Corner Log Cabin 10x10 image Ardcastle Corner 28mm 10x10

Now only £2334.99

32% OFF

£3463.99 You Save £1129.00

Corner log cabin with double door access flanked by opening windows

Shire image

Within 42-49 days

Garages View Full Range >

Some of the largest storage solutions we have available today exist within our garages category. With their wide, double-door apertures to allow those bigger things to get in and out, these may be just the job for your car or even one of those cool ride-on lawnmowers. For that beloved motorbike or your family's growing stable of bicycles, these garages will provide an out-of-sight secure store for your valuable property.
Yardmaster 1017A Metal Garage 2.8 x 5m image Garage 1017A 17x10

Now only £929.99

11% OFF

£1053.99 You Save £124.00

Economical garage solution with wide double doors and 6' eaves

Yardmaster image

Within 49 days

Shire Bradenham 28mm Log Cabin Garage 13x12 image Bradenham Garage 28mm 13x12

Now only £3189.99

16% OFF

£3838.99 You Save £649.00

13ft Wide 28mm log cabin with double doors designed for use as a garage

Shire image

Within 42-49 days

Shelterlogic Round Top Auto Shelter 10x15 image Round Top Auto Shelter 10x15

Now only £399.99

11% OFF

£449.99 You Save £50.00

Easy to assemble steel framed round-top garage with polyethylene covers

ShelterLogic image

Within 14 days

Palram - Canopia Carport Atlas 5000 Grey Solar Grey image Atlas 5000 Grey Solar Grey

Now only £1574.99

£1669.99 You Save £95.00

4.945m Long metal carport, grey powder coated with a curved corrugated polycarbonate roof

Palram - Canopia image

Within 10-14 days

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