Demand remains high, import delays & UK-wide raw material shortages exist. Most brands, especially those timber-based, are experiencing extremely low stock levels this Spring.

Warning... Price increase on Monday... Yardmaster & Mercia products

Due to inflated material costs allied to the UK shortage, our Yardmaster and Mercia pricing will increase on Monday 19th April. The Rowlinson range will follow w/c 26th April.

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Plastic Storage

Don’t be fooled by thinking plastic is weak. These hard wearing plastic storage units are injection moulded and shaped for strength. Integral floors allow for ease of cleaning should accidents occur. The hinged opening lid on many models allows ease of access to your items, but can also be padlocked shut for security too.

Plastic Storage Range

Shire Plastic Mid Storage Cupboard with Shelves image Shelved Storage Cupboard

Now only £56.99

12% OFF

£64.99 You Save £8.00

Dark grey plastic storage unit with double doors and a full-width shelf

Shire image

Within 14-21 days

Shire Large Cupboard with Shelves Plastic Store image Tall Shelved Storage Unit

Now only £80.99

£85.99 You Save £5.00

Tall storage unit with full width shelves. Ideal for garage or garden storage

Shire image

Within 14-21 days

Shire Large Plastic Store with Shelves and Broom Storage image Tall Shelved Broom Store

Now only £91.99

£96.99 You Save £5.00

Tall tool store with half-width shelves and space for tall items like brooms

Shire image

Within 14-21 days

Rowlinson Plastic Utility Cabinet Mocha image Mocha Utility Cabinet

Now only £99.99

£104.99 You Save £5.00

Compact and durable plastic storage cabinet with full width double door

Rowlinson image

Within 7-14 days

Rowlinson Plastic Storage Box-Bench Mocha image Mocha Storage Box-Bench

Now only £129.99

£139.99 You Save £10.00

Can be used as a bench as well as a storage box and can be easily relocated

Rowlinson image

Within 7-14 days

Lifetime Large Plastic Storage Box image Large Storage Box

Now only £186.99

£189.99 You Save £3.00

Large plastic storage with a hinged lid. Padlock-able for added security

Lifetime image

Within 21-28 days

Rowlinson Plastic Graphite Cushion Box image Graphite Cushion Box

Now only £189.99

£199.99 You Save £10.00

Durable plastic storage chest with faux woven texture and hinged full lid

Rowlinson image

Within 7-14 days

Rubbermaid XL Deck Box Plastic Storage Unit image XL Deck Box

Now only £190.99

£195.99 You Save £5.00

Padlockable, deck box storage chest. Can also seat up to three people, like a bench

Rubbermaid image

Within 21-28 days

Shire Tuscany EVO 100 Single Door Plastic Store image Tuscany EVO 100

Now only £311.99

20% OFF

£389.99 You Save £78.00

Single door plastic storage unit with pent roof and barrel-tile style PVC roof

Shire image

Within 14-21 days

Rubbermaid 5x3 Horizontal Plastic Storage Unit image Large Horizontal Unit 5x3

Now only £349.99

£359.99 You Save £10.00

Sturdy plastic store with floor, full opening lid and double doors on the 5ft front

Rubbermaid image

Within 21-28 days

Rubbermaid 5x2 Heavy Duty Plastic Shed image Heavy Duty 5x2

Now only £399.99

£409.99 You Save £10.00

Robust, easy to build, plastic store with double doors in the 5ft front gable

Rubbermaid image

Within 21-28 days

Rubbermaid 5x6 Sliding Roof Plastic Shed image Sliding Roof 5x6

Now only £609.99

£625.99 You Save £16.00

Plastic storage unit with innovative sliding roof and double doors for easy access

Rubbermaid image

Within 21-28 days

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