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Fencing & Gates

Fencing, an area of true expertise for One Garden. With some of our colleagues having gained 30-35 years’ of contracting experience in the fencing sector along with retailing nationally too, you can be sure that you’re dealing with genuine UK fencing experts. Whether you’re looking for something traditional like dip-treated Overlap fence panels for a garden boundary or contemporary pressure-treated continental fencing panels with trellis for an individual design statement, our choice of fencing is extensive. From a simple 3’ high Palisade for a front boundary to a full height 6’ heavy-duty robust Closeboard, we aim to offer plenty of variety to suit most budgets and styles. Every fence panel and gate is offered with a selection of matching posts and accessories too, to take the pain out of product selection. To maintain a free delivery service for Guardian-branded products, you'll need at least 3 of their panels or gates (can be mixed) in your basket to proceed; that could be 1 gate and 2 panels, 3 different single panels, etc, etc... It's up to you. Less than 3 panels will incur a small delivery charge, applied automatically in the basket. 

Traditional Panels View Full Range >

Classic and traditional fence panels of a tried and tested design. If you need to replace that old fence but don’t want to change the look of the garden then this is where you should be. Each Traditional panel being 6ft (1.829m) in width but available in a variety of heights and basic styles to fit almost any garden.

4ft x 6ft Square Top Picket Fence Panel image Square Picket 4ft

Now only £24.99

13% OFF

£28.99 You Save £4.00

Classic 4ft high dip-treated Square Top Picket panel, offers great value

Guardian image

Within 3-7 days

Grange Lap Fence Panel 1.8m image Grange Lap 1.8m

Now only £37.49

£39.99 You Save £2.50

Traditional 1.8m high (6ft approx) golden waney edge lap fence panel

Grange image

Within 8 days

Grange Fine Sawn Closeboard Panel 1.8m image Fine Sawn Closeboard 1.8m

Now only £43.99

12% OFF

£49.99 You Save £6.00

Premium, fine sawn 1.8m high Closeboard panel, pressure treated

Grange image

Within 8 days

Metpost Montford Spear Top Fence Metal Railing Panel image Montford Spear Fence Railing

Now only £94.99

15% OFF

£112.99 You Save £18.00

Arrowhead-top metal fence panel only. 935mm High, fits a 1.83m gap. Matches Montford gates

Metpost image

Within 8 days

Continental Panels View Full Range >

A more striking design to make a statement in your garden. These panels are 1.8m (approx 5' 11") wide as standard and made from interwoven and pressure treated in order to be the both practical and pretty. A selection of heights are available so you can tailor to fit your own garden. Also available trellis topped to encourage talking to your neighbour… I’m sure they are very nice too.

Grange Elite St Meloir Fence Panel 1.5m image Elite St Meloir 1.5m

Now only £70.99

17% OFF

£85.99 You Save £15.00

Omega-top quality planed panel, 1.5m high overall with diamond trellis

Grange image

Within 8 days

Grange Elite St Malo Fence Panel 1.8m image Elite St Malo 1.8m

Now only £73.99

20% OFF

£92.99 You Save £19.00

1.8m high Including lattice top, Elite St Malo, quality pressure treated panel

Grange image

Within 8 days

Grange Contemporary Vogue Panel 1.8m image Contemporary Vogue 1.8m

Now only £89.99

25% OFF

£119.99 You Save £30.00

Premium privacy panel with a jointed frame. 1.8m high (6ft approx). Green pressure treated

Grange image

Within 14 days

Rowlinson Garden Creations Vertical Slat Screen - 2 Pack image Garden Creations Vertical - 2 Pack

Now only £114.99

27% OFF

£159.00 You Save £44.01

2 Pressure treated vertical slat screens with 3 posts in the pack

Rowlinson image

Within 7 days

Trellis Panels View Full Range >

A selection of fully trellis panels of different heights. Can be attached to a wall for climbing plants or used as a fence panel in its own right (though it will look nicer with plants growing up it…) The traditional square trellis is 6ft wide (1.829m) as standard whereas the smooth finished, diamond trellis panels are 1.8m (approx 5' 11") wide. 

Grange Alderley Square Trellis 0.9m image Alderley Trellis 0.9m

Now only £42.99

£46.99 You Save £4.00

Superior-framed lattice trellis, 40mm gaps, pressure treated & 900mm high

Grange image

Within 8 days

Grange Elite St Meloir Bow Top Lattice Panel 1.8m image St Meloir Bow Lattice 1.8m

Now only £65.99

19% OFF

£81.99 You Save £16.00

Bow top sturdy lattice, 44mm gaps, planed & pressure treated, 1.8m high

Grange image

Within 8 days

Grange Bow Top Trellis Panel 0.57m image Bow Top Trellis 0.57m

Now only £29.99

£31.99 You Save £2.00

Concave shaped, bow top golden pressure treated trellis, 570mm (1ft10) high

Grange image

Within 8 days

Grange Square Badminton Trellis 1.2m image Badminton Trellis 1.2m

Now only £43.99

10% OFF

£48.99 You Save £5.00

Fine sawn golden pressure treated trellis with small gaps, 1.2m (4ft approx) high

Grange image

Within 8 days

Gates View Full Range >

The barrier for entry to your garden. Allows access to the outside world when you want to leave your garden (but why would you do that?). There is a gate here to match or compliment most of our fence panels. The traditional gates are 3' (915mm) wide and available in a variety of heights to suit your needs. The smooth finished, continental gates are 1m (approx 3' 3") wide. If you are replacing an existing gate, we suggest measuring your available space and choose the right gate for your needs.

5ft Waney Edge Lap Pressure Treated Gate image Pressure Treated Waney Edge 5ft

Now only £30.99

24% OFF

£40.99 You Save £10.00

Pressure treated 5ft high single Waney Edge gate that will last

Guardian image

Within 3-7 days

Grange Solid Infill Path Gate 0.9m image Solid Infill Path 0.9m

Now only £48.99

26% OFF

£66.99 You Save £18.00

Traditional 900mm high path gate, part solid, planed and pressure treated

Grange image

Within 8 days

Grange Fortress Driveway Gates 0.9m high x 2.4m wide image Fortress Driveway 2.4m

Now only £214.99

32% OFF

£318.99 You Save £104.00

Strong double-leaf wooden gate, traditional design, 2.4m wide x 900mm high

Grange image

Within 8 days

Metpost Ironbridge Tall Wide Metal Gate image Ironbridge Tall Wide

Now only £68.99

31% OFF

£99.99 You Save £31.00

Wide, 1.80m high tall metal gate for a 900-940mm gap. Scroll-top design

Metpost image

Within 8 days

Fencing Extras View Full Range >

All the bits and pieces you would need to acompany your fence panels. Also if you were refreshing your old fencing, replacing old gravel boards or replacing fence posts damaged in a storm, this is the section for you. 
Grange Sawn Timber Post 2.4m x 75mm x 75mm Brown image Sawn Post 2.4m x 75mm Brown

Now only £21.49

10% OFF

£23.99 You Save £2.50

Ideal for 1.8m/6ft traditional panels, 2.4m x 75mm x 75mm brown sawn post

Grange image

Within 8 days

Grange Timber Post Cap Brown 100mm image Brown Post Cap 100mm

Now only £3.99

11% OFF

£4.49 You Save £0.50

100mm Square brown post cap, suitable for 75mm brown wooden posts

Grange image

Within 8 days

Grange Elite Ball Finial Green Timber Post Cap image Elite Ball Finial Post Cap

Now only £8.49

19% OFF

£10.49 You Save £2.00

Elite Ball Finial pressure treated post cap, adds an attractive finishing touch

Grange image

Within 8 days

Metpost Wedge Grip 600mm Spike for 75mm Posts image Wedge Grip Spike 75 x 600mm

Now only £8.99

26% OFF

£12.19 You Save £3.20

Wedge Grip red post support with 600mm metal spike, for a 75mm square wooden post

Metpost image

Within 8 days

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