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Jargon Buster

Uncertain of the meaning of a term or phrase we've used? Then please review our Jargon Buster listing below.

Shown in alphabetical order, you'll find concise descriptions of a selection of the key references used in this website.   

image of 3 Year Warranty (Grizzly)

3 Year Warranty (Grizzly)

Grizzly are so confident of their products they offer a three year warranty on their range when used domestically. Commercial users have a standard one year, heavier use warranty.
image of 7 Year Anti-Rot Warranty

7 Year Anti-Rot Warranty

An assurance from the manufacturer that their timber product, if maintained according to their re-treatment policy, will resist rot within a 7 year period.
image of 10 Year Anti-Rot Warranty

10 Year Anti-Rot Warranty

An assurance from the manufacturer that their timber product, if maintained according to their re-treatment policy, will resist rot within a 10 year period.
image of 15 Year Anti-Rot Warranty

15 Year Anti-Rot Warranty

An assurance from the manufacturer that their timber product, if maintained according to their re-treatment policy, will resist rot within a 15 year period.
image of 10 Year Anti-Rust Guarantee

10 Year Anti-Rust Guarantee

Replacement parts can be sent free of charge for any undamaged panel which has been perforated through rust within 10 years of purchase; on selected models, customer to fit.
image of 12 Year Anti-Rust Guarantee

12 Year Anti-Rust Guarantee

Replacement parts can be sent free of charge for any undamaged panel which has been perforated through rust within 12 years of purchase; on selected models, customer to fit.
image of 15 Year Anti-Rust Guarantee

15 Year Anti-Rust Guarantee

Replacement parts can be sent free of charge for any undamaged panel which has been perforated through rust within 15 years of purchase; on selected models, customer to fit.
image of 20 Year Anti-Rust Guarantee

20 Year Anti-Rust Guarantee

Replacement parts can be sent free of charge for any undamaged panel which has been perforated through rust within 20 years of purchase; on selected models, customer to fit.
image of Aggregate


A collection of similarly graded loose goods ranging in size from sand to stones to cobblestones. Delivered in bulk bag format.
image of Anchor Fixings

Anchor Fixings

A set of expansion bolt fixings, which when bolted through each corner plate of a Yardmaster product will solidly anchor the building to a customer's concrete base.
image of Battery Powered

Battery Powered

Battery powered units are rechargeable through the mains, storing power in order to be used elsewhere. These devices are cordless, allowing ease of use without awkward trailing cables.
image of Bulk Bag

Bulk Bag

A tough, durable bag used to transport large quantities of goods like gravel, sand or soil. Can typically carry upto 850kg / 0.60m. Shape and style of bulk bags may vary from the image shown.
image of Carbon Fibre

Carbon Fibre

A strong and lightweight, reinforced resin material. Often used in the construction of sports cars and cycle helmets due to its strength, durability and relatively low weight.
image of Carbon Steel

Carbon Steel

Carbon Steel is a heat-tempered, hard and strong metal used for many things like knives, springs, automotive parts etc. Hardwearing and tough for long-term use.
image of Deck Board

Deck Board

Commonly a pressure treated softwood board, smooth planed with a grooved profile to add detail and enhance grip when used for decking.
image of Dipped Treatment

Dipped Treatment

The process where the surface of wood is exposed to a preservative by immersion in an open tank or by deluge spray booth. This treatment is common for above ground use.
image of Double Glazed

Double Glazed

Two sheets of glass with a sealed air pocket in between. Offers superior insulation and heat retention while also being extremely tough to break.
image of Eco Friendly

Eco Friendly

Eco-friendly products are designed and produced to have as low an impact on the environment as possible. Uses recycled materials, no harmful chemicals etc.
image of Electric Powered

Electric Powered

Electric motors come in a variety of sizes and output rating. Electric powered devices are mains connected using a UK standard plug. Cable lengths vary by product.
image of Ergonomic Handle

Ergonomic Handle

Regular hand tools place strain onto your wrists. Ergonomic handles feature a soft resin grip, designed and shaped to shift the load to your arms. Perfect for prolonged use or those with limited grip.
image of Featheredge


A square-cut sawn wooden cladding, usually set vertically. Pales can taper across the width creating a 'feather' profile. Also known as Closeboard.
image of Folded Edge

Folded Edge

To provide safer handling and assembly of profiled thin-gauge metal panels, the edges are folded at the factory to provide a cleaner finish.
image of FSC Certified

FSC Certified

The Forest Stewardship Council promote responsible forest management. The manufacturer will have used FSC certified timber, sustainably sourced from managed resources.
image of Galvanised Steel Base

Galvanised Steel Base

Strengthening aid for metal greenhouses. A galvanised steel frame running beneath the walls, adds some height and structural support.
image of Gate Fittings Included

Gate Fittings Included

From February 2020, all Guardian branded gates come with a straight ironmongery gate fixings kit. Includes hinges, latch, handles and screws. Exact style may vary from the image. 
image of Gas Powered

Gas Powered

Powered by commonly available, replacable bottled gas. Gas bottle will not be provided with the product.
image of Gutters


External, small-profile, matching metal gutter channels on selected products. They help to funnel rainwater to maintain cleaner walls.
image of Half Lap

Half Lap

Strong timber construction method featuring interlocking butt joints. Each timber is shaped to interlock at the corners for maximum strength against warping or twisting.
image of Handles Holed for a Padlock

Handles Holed for a Padlock

A pair of handles often of a U-channel design which are complete with pre-drilled holes, which when aligned in the closed position will accept a customer's padlock. Shape and style of handles may vary from the image shown.
image of Hasp and Staple

Hasp and Staple

A steel hasp and staple set is often used for securing wooden doors and gates. Interlocked when closed, being securable by a padlock (not supplied) threaded through an integral loop. Finish and style can vary to suit product.
image of Hook and Eye

Hook and Eye

A basic fitting used to secure a gate or hinged door, in either an open or closed position. Style and design may vary with the product.
image of Horticultural Glass

Horticultural Glass

A single sheet of non-toughened standard glass, most often used in garden buildings like summerhouses and sheds.
image of Indian Rainbow Sandstone

Indian Rainbow Sandstone

A natural sandstone with bright purple and orange coloring and intense swirls and veins. Often used for making decorative and unique sculptures.
image of Interlocking Log

Interlocking Log

Forming the basis of log cabin construction, interlocking logs are notched rails which 'lock' together where they cross. Each has a tongue and groove (formats do vary) to create a near-continuous joint.
image of Key Lock

Key Lock

A common security device enabling a door to be locked, which can only then be opened with the key provided. The image details a Press Lock, however the design and finish can vary by product.
image of Loglap


A timber cladding with a convex face to simulate the roundness of natural log. Each board is jointed to those adjacent either by a partial lapped or fully formed tongue and groove joint.
image of Low Odour

Low Odour

Regular spirit-based paints and preservatives have a reputation of smelling very strongly. These items, however, are water-based and therefore have a very low odour profile and any odour will not linger for long.
image of Made in Britain

Made in Britain

One Garden is proud to support British manufacturing. Products bearing this mark are directly sourced from official, genuine UK manufacturers.
image of Metal Alloy

Metal Alloy

Metallurgy is a complex subject but simply; metal alloys are a combination of two or more different metals. Combining metal properties can offer benefits, often making items lighter, harder or stronger.
image of Mineralized Roofing Felt

Mineralized Roofing Felt

A garden building roofing felt in its commonest form. Coated externally with small stone flakes or grit to deter the effects of weathering.
image of OSB (Oriented Strand Board)

OSB (Oriented Strand Board)

Oriented Strand Board also known as OSB. Used in the building industry. Layers of wood flakes set within a glue-like resin are compressed into a solid sheet.
image of Overlap


A traditional form of un-jointed cladding where commonly square edge boarding is horizontally overlaid to create a weatherproof face.
image of Overlapping Doors

Overlapping Doors

A feature of Yardmaster's double sliding doors, where the closing stile profile of each door is shaped to overlap the other to keep out rain and snow.
image of Padbolt


A security sliding bolt catch in metal. Used to secure doors or gates, usually with a holed provision for securing with a padlock (not supplied). Finish and style will vary by product.
image of Pallet Delivery

Pallet Delivery

Large, loose and heavy items (like paving stones) are often delivered plastic-wrapped on a wooden pallet. The pallet will be left with the customer to use or dispose of as they see fit.
image of Palram Anti-Slip Floor

Palram Anti-Slip Floor

Specially designed, textured plastic floor. Featured on smaller Palram sheds. Allows safe use and keeps valuables dry and protected. 
image of Palram Built-in Gutters

Palram Built-in Gutters

Most Palram products include integrated gutter chanels to funnel and redirect rainwater. Exact design will vary from product to product.
image of Palram Clear Polycarbonate

Palram Clear Polycarbonate

Clear, often single-sheet polycarbonate can be used in greenhouses or similar items. Insulating and protective while hard wearing and resistant to breakage. 
image of Palram Extra Support Beams

Palram Extra Support Beams

Additional braces and support beams for superior strength and structural stability. 
image of Palram Lighting Strips

Palram Lighting Strips

Optional extra on some Palram products. A low-heat, strip lighting system that easily connects to the product and provides pleasant diffused light. 
image of Palram Lockable Door Handle

Palram Lockable Door Handle

Specially shaped plastic door handle allowing the door(s) to be padlocked shut (lock not included) 
image of Palram Louvre Window

Palram Louvre Window

Slatted and adjustable ventilation system for greenhouses. Sometimes available as an optional extra, sometimes included as standard.
image of Palram Polycarbonate Panels

Palram Polycarbonate Panels

Palram sheds feature virtually unbreakable, impact resistant polycarbonate cladding. UV protected so they will not discolour in sunlight. 
image of Palram Resin Framing

Palram Resin Framing

Polymer resin is a hard wearing, weather resistant type of plastic that can be extruded to create strong yet proportioanally light framework.
image of Palram Rubber Sealing Strips

Palram Rubber Sealing Strips

Often coupled with resin frames, rubber sealing strips secure window glazing into frames and provide insulation for the building. 
image of Palram Sliding Assembly

Palram Sliding Assembly

Many Palram products feature a simple sliding assembly system. Once the framework is assembled, each wall or roof panel is simply slid into place. 
image of Parts Warranty

Parts Warranty

A standard warranty that offers replacement parts to the purchaser, should a component of their product fail through workmanship within a period of 12 months; customer to fit.
image of Pet Friendly

Pet Friendly

These treatment products are non-toxic and will be suitable for use on any outdoor wooden products where animals may be. As with any paint product, wait for it to dry completely before allowing animals near.
image of Petrol Powered

Petrol Powered

A powerful two-stroke engine is used on the larger, more robust garden tools like mowers, brush cutters and chainsaws. Always carefully read the instructions and use the correct fuel.
image of Piano Hinge

Piano Hinge

Named after its original purpose, a piano hinge is a long thin hinge that can be applied to any hinged lid or door for ease of opening.
image of Pick A Day

Pick A Day

A convenient service allowing you to select a preferred delivery date. When available (by product & location) various dates will be offered during checkout, including weekends.
image of Pneumatic Tyre

Pneumatic Tyre

A rubber tyre with an air filled inner tube. A staple of many wheeled items like cars, bikes and wheelbarrows. Gives a better grip and absorbs shocks.
image of Polyester


Polyester is a highly durable man-made material used for many things due to its stain and water resistance. Often used in awnings, parasols and covering outdoor furniture or cushions.
image of Polypropylene


A rigid and hardwearing plastic. Polypropylene can be extruded or injection moulded into almost any shape, once cooled it is tough and resistant to many chemicals. Produced in a multitude of colours.
image of Polywood


Polywood is an inovation in durable, outdoor structural materials. Made from recycled plastics mixed with UV resistant pigments to resist fading from exposure to sunlight.
image of Powder Coating

Powder Coating

An extremely durable coating to protect and decorate metals. An electrostatically-charged, fine polymer dry 'paint' is applied by spraying, which is attracted to the grounded material.
image of Pressure Treatment

Pressure Treatment

Wood is placed into an airtight tank, by vacuum the air is replaced with preservative. This penetrates deep into the pores. This superior process extends lifespan allowing in-ground use.
image of Professional Installation (optional)

Professional Installation (optional)

Where displayed as a selectable option, for an extra charge, professionals will come to your property to install the product. An appropriately sized, firm and level base will need to be available for them to install.
image of Rattan


Rattan is a type of thin vine that has a strong core most often used to create close weaved panels for making furniture. Rattan style can also be reproduced using plastic for additional longevity.
image of Recycled


Recycling take things that would normally be thrown away into a landfil and re-purposes them into new products. A fantastic way to benefit the environment.
image of Ring Latch

Ring Latch

A very simple, non-locking way to secure a gate or garden building door. Operated by a basic twisting action, easy to open. Style and design may vary by product.
image of Roller Catch

Roller Catch

A simple, push-to-close door retaining catch. Often used on wooden playhouses as a non-locking safety feature. Style and design may vary by product.
image of Roller Door

Roller Door

Roller doors or rolling shutters are made from a series of thin horizontal strips. They roll open and close vertically like a roller blind, instead of being hinged from the side.
image of Rotary Blade

Rotary Blade

A common grass cutting device fitted onto a motorised chassis. Of a sharpened-edge metal, spins around a central axis. Can be two or more blade edges depending on design.
image of Rust Free Screws

Rust Free Screws

Rust-free screws are metal fixings which have been protected by an anti-corrosion process, often by factory plating, to deter rust and degradation.
image of Seven Layered Protection

Seven Layered Protection

An extensive seven-layer anti-corrosion preparation process on Yardmaster metal products, including hot-dip galvanising and multi-layer painting.
image of Shiplap Tongue & Groove

Shiplap Tongue & Groove

A tongue & groove jointed boarding offering a smooth planed finish. Each upper face is shaped with a shallow curve to offer a shiplap, overlapping appearance.
image of SkyLight Roof

SkyLight Roof

Palram's unique SkyLight polycarbonate roof has light-penetrating properties which allows natural light to illuminate the inside of a building, whilst keeping the weather out.
image of SNAPTiTE


SNAPTiTE is an innovative patented design that dramatically reduces the time and effort required to assemble the Absco Sheds range. Screw count is reduced considerable by simple pressure jointing.
image of Solar Powered

Solar Powered

Fitted with internal rechargeable batteries and a set of solar cells used to automatically recharge them on a sunny day.
image of Spool


Often referred to as tap-n-go or bump feed spool, used on a garden strimmer. Typically a long length of nylon cable wound around a central spool. Unwinds to maintain cutting length. Can be single or dual line.
image of Steel Tube Framing

Steel Tube Framing

A strong steel tube, shaped to support or form a product. The profile gives increased strength but reduced weight compared to solid steel. Various shapes, like round and square.
image of Suitable for Driveways

Suitable for Driveways

Driveway safe aggregate is graded to be large enough to support a vehicle but not become stuck in the tyre treads.
image of Suitable for Ponds

Suitable for Ponds

Items with this mark are suitable for use in a pond or water feature. Some aggregate have a dry, chalky finish and will not be suitable.
image of Styrene


Styrene, Polycarbonate and Acrylic are terms you may have heard being used for tough, clear plastic, single sheet glazing often used as easy-to-transport alternative to glass. Styrene will not shatter like glass, therefore ideal for playhouses.
image of Square Edge

Square Edge

A simple cladding method where square-cut boarding is secured in a solid butted or open slatted format to a parallel arrangement.
image of Tongue and Groove

Tongue and Groove

Wooden boards interlocked together with ridges (tongues) and slots (grooves). This method of cladding is hardwearing and more resilient against warping.
image of Translucent Panels

Translucent Panels

To enable natural light to flood into a windowless metal or plastic garden building, small semi-clear plastic roof panels may be fitted between the usual sheeting. Design and size may vary by building.
image of Trellis


When an open cladding is formed from securing timber rails or battens across one another, in a spaced diagonal or square arrangement, this we call Trellis. Ideal for decorative purposes.
image of Twin Wall Polycarbonate

Twin Wall Polycarbonate

A lightweight and versatile twin-wall plastic glazing sheet material which is UV resistant with an insulating property. Often used in greenhouse construction.
image of Turn Button

Turn Button

A simple form of non-lockable catch used to retain a door, window or shutter in a closed position. The turn button pivots around a central screw.
image of Untreated


Commonly relating to timber, this reflects that no form of preservative treatment has occurred. To maintain the timber's lifespan a preservative should be applied once exposed to the elements.
image of Ventilated Gables

Ventilated Gables

A simple slatted air vent in the wall of a metal or plastic building. May be an integrated part of the wall panel or a separate piece, as shown in this image. Style and design of the vent varies with the building.
image of Ventilated Roof

Ventilated Roof

A simple airflow feature along the ridge and eaves or gable of a metal building. Created by the shaped profile of the metal sheeting, complete with a ridge cover to prevent rain penetration.
image of Waney Edge or Lap

Waney Edge or Lap

A rustic-styled sawn wooden boarding having an irregular, uncut edge. Each board partially overlaps that adjacent and is commonly set horizontally.
image of Water Based

Water Based

Unlike many oil or spirit-based products, water-based treatments like these are easy to clean-up after and do not require thinners or spirits to remove from your hands or brushes and also dry much faster.
image of Weed Suppressant Membrane

Weed Suppressant Membrane

Tough fabric sheet that allows water through but not weeds. Primarily used under decking, shed bases, paving and decorative stone pathways to prevent weeds growing through.
image of Wire Mesh

Wire Mesh

Widely used in agriculture and for animal management. Hardwearing and animal bite resistant, usually galvanized to deter rust and for weather-proofing. Mesh pattern can vary.
image of Wood Polymer Composite (WPC)

Wood Polymer Composite (WPC)

Tough, hardwearing composite material combining wood fibre and thermoplastics. Used to produce interlocking strip flooring and decking. 
image of Zip


A simple zip fastening most often used to secure fabric sections together.

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